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Maryland Collection Harassment Attorneys


The fact that a debtor is behind on payments never justifies the use of harassing collection tactics. The attorneys at Gordon, Wolf & Carney Chartered are knowledgeable about how to pursue all protections available under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits debt collectors from engaging in specified kinds of abusive or deceptive behavior:

  • Harassment — This includes threatening you with violence, publishing your name, using obscene or profane language or calling you repeatedly to annoy you.
  • False statements — These include claiming you owe more money than you do, misrepresenting that the nature of papers they send you are legal if they are not, falsely representing themselves as attorneys or government agents or threatening you with arrest, seizure of assets or other legal action if they lack legal grounds or do not intend to do so.
  • Deception — This includes using a false name, sending you a document designed to appear falsely as if it is from a court or government agency or providing a third party with false credit information about you.
  • Unfair practices — These include collecting fees or interest not authorized by law or contract or depositing a postdated check prior to the date indicated.

We can bring an FDCPA lawsuit seeking a range of damages, including lost wages, attorneys’ fees and even physical or emotional distress. We can also obtain a court order forbidding debt collectors from using telephone calls, mail and other forms of harassing communications.

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